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Ceramic Fiber Module

Being prominent ceramic Fiber producer in India, we manufacture ceramic fiber modules using premium quality ceramic fiber blanket.

Divine ceramic fiber module adopts high-quality spun fiber blanket and it is folded and pre-compressed to specific densities. There are various anchor systems. The ceramic fiber module is a unique type of refractory furnace lining products aiming at simplifying and speeding up furnace construction and improving the integrity of furnace lining.

This product has clean and white color as well as formal dimension, which can be directly fixed on the anchor nail on steel plate for shell of industrial furnace with excellent refractory and insulating effect. Thus, it has improved the refractory and insulating integrity of furnace and pushed forward the progress of furnace construction technology. It features Fast and easy installation, Lower heat storage and fuel costs and so on..

General Characteristics

  • Our ceramic fiber modules are available in different thickness, size and it can be quickly tailored as per customer requirements.
  • The ceramic Fiber modules manufactured by us are suitable for various industry applications serving large customer base in India and worldwide.
  • Our ceramic Fiber modules are light weight having low heat storage and durable services.
  • Supporting both soldiers-march-based arrangement and assembly-based arrangement with the help of anchor in various forms in the back of the module
  • Module will squeeze with each another in different directions after unbinding, to produce no gap
  • Anchoring system is far away from hot surface of component, to allow metal anchor member to be in a relatively low temperature
  • Light weight, and absorbing less heat as insulation materials
  • Able to withstand any thermal shock

Typical Applications

  • All kinds of industrial furnace and heating device linings for metallurgy, machinery, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metal industries.
  • Low mass kiln cars
  • Continuous and batch kilns
  • Roller hearth furnace linings
  • Gas Turbine exhaust ducts
  • Stack linings in Power generation
  • Boiler insulation
  • Furnace lining insulation for high-temperature applications

Technical Index

Classification temperature (°C) 1260 °C 1425 °C
Colour White White
Fiber Diameter (µm) 2.6 ~ 3.5 Micron 2.6 ~ 3.5 Micron
Theoretical Density ( kg/m³) 128, 160, 192, 240 128, 160, 192, 240
Chemical Composition (%)
Module Sizes (mm) 150 x 305 x 305
175 x 305 x 305
200 x 305 x 305
225 x 305 x 305
250 x 305 x 305
275 x 305 x 305
305 x 305 x 305
Veneer Module Sizes (mm) 25 x 305 x 305
50 x 305 x 305
75 x 305 x 305
75 x 300 x 300
  • Other sizes available on special order.
  • All data represents typical results of standard tests conducted under controlled conditions. As such, the information is intended only as a general guide for specifications and design estimates.